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Single women are phone call away.Get ready to meet an entire community of new friends who want to hear your innermost thoughts and fantasies - all for a fraction of the cost of other dating services. With our breakthrough phone dating service at your fingertips, you can meet singles with the same interests as you anytime, anywhere and FREE from any computer. So let's get started.

Step #1: Call or click now for a FREE registration.
Ready to connect with companions or friends, chat partners, exotic women and men or the love of your life? Just enter your area code on the home page. It's that easy to get started.

Step #2: Create your FREE profile.
Simply log in to the system, create your profile, and then let our service do all the work automatically. You can select the type of person you want to talk to - right from selecting his or her age and interests. Don't get too hung up on the "perfect" greeting - you can change your message every time you log in.

Step #3: Browse through hundreds of profiles at your convenience.
MyMobileLine makes it easy to access matching profiles of members based on things you like to do, places you like to visit, the kinds of movies you want to see and whether you are seeking a serious partner or someone to connect with and share steaming fantasies.

Step #4: Stand out from the crowd with a MusicCall-Music Greetings dedication.
Choose from hundreds of popular songs - love songs, hip-hop, Spanish songs, you name it - and combine it with your own personalized message. You can then send it to anyone who has a landline or cell phone throughout the United States, even to those who are not presently members.

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We want to let you in on a secret: you're not alone tonight. Just a phone call away there's a sexy girl or guy who can't wait to share your most secret thoughts and fantasies. And chances are your connection is just like you - a hot single, student, new divorcee, or someone who feels unappreciated.

MyMobileLine provides you with your own personal mailbox so others who find you sexy can leave private messages. Whenever you're ready, log in to your phone dating account and hear who's yearning to chat. And with our "Out Dial" feature, you can receive calls through our service ONLY at specific times you specify.

Free 24-Hour Phone Chat

Register FREE, log in to the system, create your profile, and start browsing. You can choose the sex and age of the person you want to speak to and our database will immediately begin searching for just the right gal or guy.

Home Phone, Cell Phone, or Computer

Live and around the clock, MyMobile Line is your connection to this entire hidden community - a community that comes alive for you with just one phone call. You can meet other like-minded people with similar interests and fetishes anytime, anywhere, FREE from any computer.

Private One-On-One Chats

In the unlikely event that someone isn't there immediately, you can listen to music or hear dating service requests. Then, once a match is found, you'll automatically be connected for a hot private one-on-one chat.

Exotic Singles

It's your choice! You can chat with singles locally or nationally. You can access matching profiles of members who like the things you do - the same places, same movies, same sports team. And if your tastes are a little more exotic - well, we can connect you to those members as well.

Always Private And Discreet

Your privacy will never be compromised. MyMobileLine is a safe, private forum for those who live life a little more broadly. There are NO STRINGS attached, no obligation, and no reason to not try us now!

A Fraction Of The Cost

While long distance charges may occur, you'll happily discover they're FAR LESS than if you were to purchase a membership from any other dating services.

Personalized Musicall Dedications

Create a perfect harmony with someone you want to impress. Just dial into our system, select from hundreds of popular songs - love songs, hip-hop song, Spanish songs, you name it - and record your personalized message. Then enter the phone number you want to send it to along with the specific date and time. TRY IT NOW.

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